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ArcGIS Online Network Analysis services are based on road network data (from various vendors such as HERE/TomTom and some others in several countries) and do not include railways. You would need to obtain the data and build your own network dataset.


One way directions have to be set up relative to the digitized direction of the line (affecting the From-To or To-From edge), and cannot detect line orientations relative to a compass or clock face direction. Therefore, I use a domain based on digitized direction, not compass directions. Open in both directions Open in From-To direction Open in To-From ...


If you need to use the road distance as the cost of travel, then you would indeed need to use Network Analyst if you are using ArcGIS and want to take advantage of the restrictions imposed on the roads in the network dataset (one-way, turns, etc.). The solver you would need for this is OD Cost Matrix. You basically need to generate a matrix where each point ...


This is a pretty broad topic and there are quite a few answers but off the top of my head a few of the things that could be done are: Topology - Run topology tools on the network dataset to ensure your topological rules are enfored and to locate any connectivity errors. How are you modeling highway interchanges for example, how are you modeling turns, ...

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