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Network Analyst uses a network of roads, because straight-line distance does not accurately represent the roads that a fire truck must drive on. This is especially true if there are geographic barriers (rivers or streams) or in a rural area with fewer roads. In contrast, flight time analysis would not use a network because planes or helicopters can travel ...


A Network Dataset needs to be created in a Feature Dataset within a Geodatabase. Right-click on the Feature Dataset that contains your network features, and you'll be given the option to create a new Network Dataset You can not create a Network Dataset directly at the base level of the geodatabase. This may be why you don't get the option when you ...


Add cost evaluator, called Minutes Usage_Type Cost Units Minutes Build the route network Create a new route Use the Minutes evaluator as Impendance in the route properties


Correct me if I'm wrong, If you used Closest facility, that kind of error corresponds to the distance needed to get to the closest part of the road (SnapX, SnapY) If you used OD Matrix, that distance is the difference between the distance on the road network and the distance on the a straight line. I always use Total_Length.


This kind of problem is solved by using the Route, Closest Facility, or OD Cost Matrix solver in Network Analyst. However, you cannot choose beforehand what college each student will be "routed" to. There is an ArcGIS Idea for adding a field called facility to essentially generate a matrix of origin-destination with pre-defined destination. You would need ...


You are receiving this error for the reason @crmackey provided in a comment: ListLayers is a function, not a class method. You have to pass in a MapDocument into ListLayers. His comment is based on you using ArcPy with the ArcGIS 10.x architecture. On the other hand you are reading documentation from ArcGIS Pro and appear to be assuming that the ...

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