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From what I know this is not possible based on the built in OD cost matrix tool. The best way would be to loop on each physician, select their patients based on the common ID, then run the OD cost matrix.


you could possibly run two closest facilities analyses. one to the detour the second to the destination.


It is a kind of "steiner tree" problem you are trying to solve. For which you need a heuristic. You need to look way beyond ArcGIS. Further details: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steiner_tree


Use the Select Data tool on the result of the Solve tool. It will allow you to get at what you need: The Select Data tool selects data in a parent data element such as a folder, geodatabase, feature dataset, or coverage. The tool allows access to the data stored inside a parent container, such as feature classes or tables inside a geodatabase. ...

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