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There is a great chance something is wrong with your cost field. I'd create a new field and calculate it to contain the seconds and then re-build the network dataset supplying this field as a cost field and choosing seconds (you might consider using minutes as it is nicer to see 5 min instead of 300 secs).


I have recently visited the link that you shared originally - it seems that the discussion continued and now it is possible to incorporate Add GTFS to a Network Dataset - http://www.arcgis.com/home/item.html?id=0fa52a75d9ba4abcad6b88bb6285fae1 - I am currently attempting to incorporate time tables into a multimodal public transport network myself. So perhaps ...


There is a set of add-on ArcGIS Desktop tools (versions 9- 10.2) using network kernel density techniques developed by Professor Okabe available here. http://sanet.csis.u-tokyo.ac.jp/. However they are only licensed for academic use. I used them on my MSc thesis and they worked really well. I guess you could enquire about commercial implementations. ...


When considering turns as features in a network dataset, they must be modeled first. That means you have to create an actual turns feature class that has its own geometry to be traversed. When turns are not specifically modeled (ie, the Global Turns properties you mention) they aren't features that are traversed, just analysis variable properties, which is ...

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