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You can use the network analysis extension compatible with gvSIG 1.12. It can be installed from the gvSIG add-ons manager (menu Tools > Add-ons manager, select the “Installation from URL” option, and the “org.gvsig.graph (1.1.0-1241 version)” plugin)


If you have set the flow direction as @ChrisW mentions then the polylines should be flowing in a source to sea direction. Place your flag at the green location then using the Utility Network Analysts tool bar set Trace task to Trace upstream and solve. The trick here is before you do the trace go into the options section under the Analysis dropdown on the ...


Try the Urban Network Analysis toolbox download from City Form Lab. Link to Download/site: http://cityform.mit.edu/projects/urban-network-analysis.html


So I've contacted the ESRI Support and the response was They [ESRI Redlands] have advised "that the solve route task excludes all edges that intersect barriers from it's calculations. Thus the solver never encounters any barriers when trying to solve the route and therefore cannot return which barriers were obstructing the route. This would also ...

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