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It requires and Advanced License (and according to the help 'with ArcInfo Workstation installed') but there is a tool called Collapse Dual Lines To Centerline in the Generalization tools that essentially does what you want. It does have similar issues in terms of complicated intersections (note the 'how it works' link at the top). To some degree any ...


I was looking for a possibility to delete isolated lines from OSM data, too. Unfortunately, I have a huge amount of data. And having to deal with Network Datasets anyway, I just didnt want to examine Geometric Networks. But using Michaels suggestion worked, thank you very much! I had to change 2 things: First, I had to unsplit the lines in the beginning, so ...


Using r.watershed -s with cells of interest provided as flow on a distance to network raster map (from r.grow.distance), i obtained the accumulation map answering our issues.

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