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This is a great post highlighting available solutions. We went the OSM pgRouting approach for drive time / distance polygons and packaged it up into a service that we are using with our premium Google Maps extension. I am happy to share how we built it if you are interested. Happy to spread the knowledge. Here is how we ultimately packaged it up. ...


I'm also on OSX Yosemite using QGIS and GRASS, the GRASS shell in QGIS doesn't start, but it's hard to use anyways (It's hard to copy-paste, the font is hard to read and there is no cursor or command history). I start GRASS in the OSX Terminal, doing all analysis there, while I use GRASS in QGIS to export shapefiles into the GRASS database, and to load them ...


Point Distance tool will give you distance from one point to all points in a given search radius. Then you can use the output to see concentreated areas with certain visualization tools such as "Quantities" or cut-off some points by using definition query. If you have a network graph then you can use OD Cost Matrix tool.


Have you tried this tool: Standard Distance? !


This is a simplistic example of using googles driving directions.

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