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Disclaimer: I work for iGeolise To model travel times you can use the TravelTime platform API. It uses a range of transport and map sources to produce travel time isochrones including ATOC, DFT, TFL and open street map. The image attached is an example isochrone of all locations reachable within 45 minutes using public transport from Waterloo in London (...


In addition to setting up the proxy under the Network settings, you may need to add an exception. For example, to properly use the QGISCloud plugin, you need to open your Computer's Internet Settings, Connections, LAN Settings, and and qgiscloud as an exception. This will allow your plugin to access the internet properly.


i'm trying to do the same thing, apparently it is impossible, and you need arcGIS to do it.


I'll try with a higher value for threshold, just to know if it works. However, I've finally solved my original problem (i.e. "build a raster with the shortest distance from every pixel to a city following a road") in four steps: 1- using 'v.distance' I've calculated the distance from the grid points to the road and the and the x and y coordinate of the ...

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