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Yes, DARP as a concept can be used for NEMT, since DARP aims at solving the problem even when new requests are added on-the-fly. We have been making experiments with our FleetEngine (see www.routeware.dk) software for solving exactly NEMT tasks and depending upon which requirements you have, it can handle since it is generally build around solving Mixed ...


The search term you need is "isochrone". A web search should reveal techniques for creating your 30-minute (or 60-minute, or whatever) boundary. With that, it's a simple intersection problem to find the contained points.


it is not a GIS question and you need to know the Graph Theory algorithms (as graph traversal, etc.), look at How to count the number of lines connected to a point?) Guido Van Rossum, the creator of Python, was the first (in 1998) to implement the Graph Theory algorithms in Python (Python Patterns - Implementing Graphs) and you can still use them. I ...


You don't need to build a network dataset (ND) to get this kind of information. Building a ND won't let you access this type of properties as the adjacency matrix / connectivity matrix are not exposed to the end user in ArcGIS. I strongly recommend instead using networkx Python library when working with graphs. It can build graphs directly from shapefiles. ...

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