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dimension(): refers to the topological dimension (i.e. point/line/area) coordinateDimension(): returns the dimension of the tuple as given (as statet in the OP) spatialDimension(): returns the dimension of the tuple without the measurement part (with "M" being the measurement in a linear reference system) As it's pretty obvious for a 2D or "4D" literal, ...


Of the three opinions expressed so far, yours, Benjamin, makes the most sense to me: X, Y and Z are spatial dimensions and M is some other coordinate/dimension. Disclaimer: I've never heard of those function names (coordinateDimension and spatialDimension) before so I'm no authority. And I'm not sure I could claim any bounty if ever I'm proved correct!


The Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) exists to define interface standards such as the Web Mapping Service (WMS) standard, or Web Feature Service (WFS) standard. These are standards that define how programmers should create software to provide such a service. So for example, OGC defines the WMS standard, programmers write a piece of software called ...

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