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What is strange if the intersection result is a point ? The intersect predicate is Returns True if the boundary and interior of the object intersect in any way with those of the other. With a common point between the geometries, the intersects predicate returns TRUE because the boundary of the first geometry intersects the boundary of the second ...


I started it all again: restored a previous database from backup; create extension postgis; create extension postgis_topology; ogr2ogr from console creates additional tables (like waypoints); after this I need to grant access in those additional tables to php/apache user.


Not a proper answer but does not fit into the comment box. However, at least PostGIS does return a point for two polygons which touch at one point. SELECT ST_AsText( ST_Intersection(ST_GeomFromText( 'POLYGON (( 140 360, 140 480, 220 480, 220 360, 140 360 ))'), ST_GeomFromText( 'POLYGON (( 220 260, 220 360, 300 360, 300 260, 220 260 ))'))); ...


Figuring out the GPX driver options for rgdal is headache-inducing. Writing a linestring as you've done here will cause it to write a route layer - if you write a multilinestring it should create a track layer. According to the documentation you should be able to make it be a track layer regardless using FORCE_GPX_TRACK=true but I've not been able to make ...

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