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You can use the Dissolve tool from QGIS: Vector > Geoprocessing Tools > Dissolve


Couchbase is not Apache CouchDB compatible, hence the OGR driver doesn't work. AFAIK there's currently no OGR driver for Couchbase.


That looks a lot like a windows style 'for loop' and if you enter it in one single line, without ';' in place of where the newlines need to be, you could get some errors. Try doing it in Linux style! cd /Users/stevenchong/data/ChicagoBaseLayers/clipped; for f in *.shp; do ogr2ogr -t_srs "EPSG:3857" -s_srs "EPSG:4326" ../Projected/${f} ${f}; done That's ...


I am not sure which GDAL version ogr2gui is using but with a current ogr2ogr it is for sure possible. Read first the driver manual page http://www.gdal.org/drv_csv.html Layer creation options: GEOMETRY (Starting with GDAL 1.6.0): By default, the geometry of a feature written to a .csv file is discarded. It is possible to export the geometry in its ...


In theory it can be done by using ogr2ogr with SQL and SQLite dialect. Here is a test command for ogrinfo but the same -sql works also in ogr2ogr. ogrinfo osm.sqlite -dialect sqlite -sql "select Line_Interpolate_Point(geometry,0.5) from lines limit 10" Unfortunately the Line_Interpolate_Point function is very new in Spatialite and if GDAL is compiled with ...

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