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With the latest GDAL dev build from GisInternals you can now transform dxf into shape and closed lines into polygons in one step: ogr2ogr -nlt polygon testpoly.shp test.dxf ogrinfo testpoly.shp INFO: Open of `testpoly.shp' using driver `ESRI Shapefile' successful. 1: testpoly (Polygon) This will find its way into GDAL 2.0, not 1.11.2 which is coming ...


You should send a small example of such DXF file. It looks like DXF driver really does not behave as documented. I made a simple test by digitizing a closing triangle with four coordinates as a polygon and as a linestring POLYGON (( 616 442, 804 551, 764 387, 616 442 )) LINESTRING ( 616 442, 804 551, 764 387, 616 442 ) I made a roundtrip by saving ...


There are couple of alternatives. First one it to use the -select option that is documented on the manual page http://www.gdal.org/ogr2ogr.html -select field_list: Comma-delimited list of fields from input layer to copy to the new layer. A field is skipped if mentioned previously in the list even if the input layer has duplicate field names. ...


I can't vote up yet so I'm typing my answer, probably some issue with my installation but anyway, reboot worked!

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