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The only place I've been able to find it is in the Data Frame Properties > Coordinate System tab under the Current Coordinate System definition:


Apologies, this is the unfortunate result of a software getting dated and I am not sure that you can get around this without reverting to a previous version of LAS (1.1 - 1.3). To quote specifications of LAS 1.4 "LAS 1.4 moves the file specification from a 32 bit file structure to a 64 bit file structure". This specification of LAS also changed to support ...


OpenJUMP is a relatively advanced open source desktop GIS software developed in Java. It certainly does not have all the functionalities of ArcGIS but it might be worth checking it. If you look for an equivalent to ArcGIS server, check Geomajas or geoserver.


Geoserver is not mandatory. If you need a WFS or WMS or WMTS or WPS or CSW or WCS server for your application needs, it is an option, but there are other options for all of those, in open source and proprietary forms. If you are looking for open source options, many are listed at OSGeo - see the project links under Web Mapping and Metadata Catalog headings. ...

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