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try to use collector for ArcGIS with cartoview www.cartologic.com/cartoview . With cartoview you can define a web map and serve it out with a webmapID, authentication and communication to cartoview follows the same REST standards like ArcGIS portal, you can use web appbuilder and other templates from ESRI together with CartoView, it is opensource


I will put out another option. ThinkGeo is the option my company chose. They support your basic mapping operations as well as support for online basemaps from places like Google. They are royalty free although you do pay a developer license fee. It is an option. We are mostly satisfied with them. There are quirks to their software, just like any other. ...


Very useful component are GMap.Net ( https://greatmaps.codeplex.com ). I used them four years ago for a first application and now I'm able to change and extend my application without any problems.


Not sure what your specific need is... But I have a bunch of stuff I have written in python which I can share if I know the purpose of your work. I have the following: Trip distribution - gravity model Many to one trip distribution - multiple productions balanced to a single attraction vector Tour based trip distribution with rubber banding Nested ...

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