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For OpenSource GIS tech investigate the offereings available via OsGeo. This is not the only source of FOSS4G but is a comprehensive stable of solutions that work well together and, in some cases, are the test bed for certain GIS standards. QGIS is an excellent solution for your needs as it has both desktop and server solutions but also comes bundled with ...


3 years later, we are still alive and kicking. just released OpenJUMP 1.8.0 . By the way, OJ runs on Windows, Linux, MacOSX. We have a website and a wiki to help users out: snapshots, for users to try out the latest development mailing lists/bug trackers for issues search the wiki if you want to know more.


Most (if not all) Defense/Intelligence sector clients already have existing, enterprise-grade GIS toolsets. I propose that you evaluate the most common of these (ESRI is only one of four or five major vendors in the sector) with an eye to 'extending' their capabilities with your specialized development efforts. You do not have to invest heavily in ...


You can open Esri file geodatabase in QGIS. I am not real familiar with how to run the analysis in QGIS, but I am pretty sure it can be done.


Nine points is a quite small number, so I would use some arbitrary boundary instead of trying to build a complex algorithm that might "go wild". I suggest that you use r.grow.distance in grass to create a distance layer around your points, and to set a threshold that would constraint the size of your study area (for instance, the largest distance value ...


I also recommend TRANUS. Its a complete land use model and a detailed transport model, in which modal split and assignment are in one integrated process based on logit. It may be applied to cities or regions alike, combining passengers and freight. Download programs and extensive documentation from www.tranus.com. There are ways to communicate TRANUS with ...


I used it some time ago, later also tried GvSIG and Kosmo Desktop which is based on it. It was nice but as my needs were growing and QGIS was going better and better I simply switched to QGIS. Sorry... BTW natively running QT application was also much better for me that Java solution although it also has advantages..

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