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Using Pre-existing WPS or Building Them There is a whole description/tutorial on web processing services (WPS) found here. Most of this is going to be done using HTTP requests sent to a server like GeoServer that is hosting this process. The GeoServer link will outline the general process of hosting and calling a WPS using their software. GeoServer's WPS ...


Firstly, it's not necessary to project the data to webmercator, since tilemill can project on the fly. But if you have a large dataset, then it helps to have data in WebMercator. You should note that according to the KML standard, the KML data can only be in WGS84 Latlong, i.e. EPSG:4326. Hence we'll have to project this data to some other format. If you ...


The OpenGeo plugin for Qgis can use the wps services hosted on geoserver. It functions much like how arcgis uses their toolbox, it will require that the wps service is enabled and the process is available. You should also check out pyWPS

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