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I also recommend Geoserver/Postgres-Gis which is a good option : totally free and relatively easy. No need GeoNetwork in a first time if you just want to migrate your shapefiles. You will need less than 30 minutes to understand how to manually import your shapefiles (here is a good video tutorial). Once you have your geoserver installed you can easily ...


you can use Tranus, it's opensource And it provide the four-step travel demand modules with a combination of trip distribution and mode choice. It has both land use model and travel demand model. But the travel model cna be run independently. It is written in fortran, so the performance is good.


The solution I would recommend is the OpenGeo suite Downloadable from here. There is a free version and various paid support levels. It contains everything you have listed above with the exception of GeoNetwork, also works with QGIS (via a plugin) providing a solid Opensource stack. GeoNetwork could always be setup after the fact to seed from your Geoserver ...


There is Cartaro which is probably what you're looking for, namely a Geospatial CMS. It is based on Drupal and manages for you user access right between Drupal, PostGIS and GeoServer and allows you to do collaborative tasks.


I have developing this http://gee.chalo.org.uk code at https://github.com/mark-lester/Stretchsoft If you want to help me debug I would be most grateful. If you want to join in developing even better.


The OpenGeo plugin for Qgis can use the wps services hosted on geoserver. It functions much like how arcgis uses their toolbox, it will require that the wps service is enabled and the process is available. You should also check out pyWPS


Using Pre-existing WPS or Building Them There is a whole description/tutorial on web processing services (WPS) found here. Most of this is going to be done using HTTP requests sent to a server like GeoServer that is hosting this process. The GeoServer link will outline the general process of hosting and calling a WPS using their software. GeoServer's WPS ...

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