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Maven can only handle libraries that are deployed on a maven repository, and Opencarto is not deployed anywhere, so you cannot get it with maven. To use it, you may use one of these methods: you download an opencarto jar from there and include it in your eclipse project (you also need jts, xstream and xpp3_min) you checkout the snapshot version of ...


Yes it is. Use the class ShortEdgesDeletion in the opencarto-algo module. You have to give as parameters the polygon you want to simplify, and the tolerance wall length (the algo tries to delete all walls shorter than this distance). The higher this distance is, the more the polygon is simplified. If you want more detail on the algo, let me know. It works ...


Personnally I did it (general orientation calculation see here and there) from shapefiles using geotools library and opencarto. Opencarto's devloper (Jul) could maybe help you, if needed. By the way, here you will find a JDBC sample to retrieve Postgis data.

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