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Can you help me, about how to change the WMSGetFeatureInfo template in Opengeo suite, because i am unable to find header.ftl file in any directory.


OpenLayers is only the javascript API. What server do you use underneath to access the Oracle database ? Is that GeoServer ? Something on the path to the database clearly thinks it should write geometries in 3D, setting all Z to 0. That will of course fail as you observe since the database table is 2D. It could be the OpenLayers editing. Could be the app ...


Your Reader and Writer types are incorrect. They should be readers.las and writers.pgpointcloud, respectively. The name change happened here: https://github.com/PDAL/PDAL/commit/b7cde7e1fb13f28db1de7797dbb31392db1f7dfc. You can run pdal --drivers to get a complete list of drivers supported on your system.

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