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You can only use a x,y (i,j) coordinate search for GetFeatureInfo requests http://docs.geoserver.org/stable/en/user/services/wms/reference.html#getfeatureinfo However, you may test for interactions with polygons (and many other geometries) using a Web Feature Service (WFS) request. E.g. ...


(1) Yes. osm2po creates a SQL import file, which already contains the routing topology. (2) Yes. You just need to convert kilometers to miles. If you use km AS cost in your pgRouting query, then your route cost attribute will be in km as well. (3) For the address lookup you need a Geocoder, for example Nominatim. When you know the point coordinates, you ...


Expanding on my comment: Mapfish Print versus GeoServer Print module The MapFish Print Module is basically the exact same thing as the GeoServer printing module. In fact, the later is built from the former (the 2.4.x ad 2.5.x modulees is built from mapfish print 1.8. The 2.6 release will include MFP 2.0). At this stage you won't gain much of anything by ...


This is a Cross Domain Issue as you are calling a different domain in your XMLHttpRequest than is used for the data. I use a simple Proxy on our Server for the XMLHttpRequest from OpenLayers and the Proxy, in turn, forwards the request onto its true destination. An Example of how to make your own Proxy can be seen here This is also discussed here


This might have to do with some browser security features in Firefox that block access to local files, that aren't present in chrome/IE. It might require using a proxy to make it look like it's from somewhere else, or a workaround to the local restriction. A few links below that might explain a bit better. Blog post from a GIS developer who had a kml ...


I've used a javascript/jquery solution to fix the issue with the navigation buttons disappearing when the window has resized. In the section, I have incorporated the following function: <script> $(window).bind('resize', function(e) { this.location.reload(false); }); </script> The code above was modified from the ...


it depends which Beta Version of OL3 you are using. On the latest Version v.3.0.0 – gamma.2. there is no: new ol.source.SingleImageWMS The source name is: new ol.source.ImageWMS http://ol3js.org/en/master/apidoc/ol.source.ImageWMS.html Try to change that, maybe it solve the problem. Thank you for feedback.

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