An open-source software focusing on the design and optimization of wind farms. The application allows the importation of standard GIS data types and employs a typical GIS-style interface to allow integration of geographic and modeling data.

openWind®, created by AWS Truepower, is an open-source wind project design and optimization software which can aid users with a highly configurable toolbox of functionality that extends beyond simple energy capture. Utilizing a typical Geographical Information Systems (GIS) interface, users can:

  • Explore and optimize cost of energy
  • Energy yields based on geographical conditions
  • Assess deep array impacts
  • Define and analyze strategies for managed shut-down of turbines
  • Manage uncertainty
  • Noise
  • Visual impact

Users can not only import standard GIS shapefiles (vectors and rasters) but also Wind Resource Grid files, Meteoroligcal Mast (Met Mast Data) files and Time-series files providing a greater, more comprehensive analysis of wind farm projects.

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