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Create your own primary key field (like 'id') - if using Oracle Spatial 11g then see the best practices for Oracle Locator and Spatial (11g) Particularly important Metadata, tolerance and coordinate systems Every SDO_GEOMETRY column in a table requires an entry in the Oracle Locator metadata dictionary, USER_SDO_GEOM_METADATA. The metadata entry includes ...


The delta tables and state tree have a direct performance impact on your queries. First, you need to understand versioning; I did a short explanation of the relationship of the state tree and version labels in a different answer. I think it would help you to go over it. After reading that answer, you can then realize how a long state id branch (from root ...


Yes, you will need to use the external procedure agent if you want to access the XML columns in the SDE.GDB_ITEMS_VW views. By default, the XML columns in the GDB_* tables are stored using ESRI's XML implementation. The functionality to convert these to a CLOB is included in the ST_Geometry library, which is accessed using the external procedure agent. ...


You can use Query Layers in ArcMap to display Oracle Spatial geometries and data, however I do not think an equivalent exists for ArcGIS Server (would be thrilled to be proven wrong, though!).


I was having the same issue and recycling the application pool followed by a cache clear of the 10.0 rest fixed the problem. I believe I have to figure out how to configure my application pool better so these errors don't happen. That was the quick fix anyway. Let me know if that helps :)


[First post apologies: This is meant to be a comment not a definitive answer.] If you have any edit versions that are relatively old and have not been posted they should be deleted, posted or reconciled. An old unreconciled version keeps an old view of default, which prevents delta records belonging to newer versions from being compressed into the base ...


With ST_GEOMETRY and SDO_GEOMETRY you can use SQL in addition to ArcGIS Desktop to work with your data. Although with SQL, one should take many precautions (read the docs). To migrate from sde_binary to one of above, you have to reload all data into your database. Migrate Storage (Data Management)

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