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OpenLayers is only the javascript API. What server do you use underneath to access the Oracle database ? Is that GeoServer ? Something on the path to the database clearly thinks it should write geometries in 3D, setting all Z to 0. That will of course fail as you observe since the database table is 2D. It could be the OpenLayers editing. Could be the app ...


I was able to build QGIS 2.8 myself using mock but the issue with Oracle connection is still there. See this: http://courses.neteler.org/compiling-qgis-2-0-1-for-fedora-19-in-a-few-steps/ You can try using cx_Oracle via python or adding oracle spatial layers via odbc. By the way I have set this on a Virtual Linux Red Hat 7. Please let me know if you made it ...


Arcobjects has two interfaces to join multiple FeatureClasses and (or) Tables: Query tables (IQueryDef) RelQueryTables The result of your join can be added to the map as a Layer if the result has a geometry column. Make sure to read this Page to check the differences of two and select the one that suites your needs

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