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To connect to the schema tables, the connection can last 5-8 minutes. Do you mean that this is the elapsed time between the moment you open a table and the moment you see the result on your screen as a map ? And does that include a view of all the 3600 polygons in that table ? Or does your view contain multiple tables ? Obviously fetching many ...


You are better off using a version scenario for the developers. Going off what Vince stated I don't think it's possible to use your mentioned workflow. It would have to either be separate instances or some sort of version workflow/replication.


You can't have a service point at a different instance (or even user) depending on the connected user, but you could configure a proxy to point at different services. This would require N, N+1, or N+2 services for each logical service (depending on whether you have test and production requirements as well). You'd probably be better off with personal USER ...

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