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Just added simple support for ST_geometry functions to: http://bitbucket.schuller.lu/hibernatestgeometry Here a possible hibernate query using the 'st_length' function em.createQuery("from MyLine where st_length(shape) > 2000").getResultList();


I always find it's easiest to first check if your value is not NULL before adding it to a table. For example, say you have a value to be added to your table in variable Value. A simple if statement will do the trick. if will return True if the variable contains a value and is not NULL Code: *processing* = Value if Value: *update table etc*


With the following method you can loop through your versions of a table and check for their difference with their parent version: public static IFIDSet FindVersionDifferences(IWorkspace workspace, String childVersionName, String parentVersionName, String tableName, esriDifferenceType differenceType) { // Get references to the ...


Hy, I just created a project for Hibernate which adds support for ST_geometry. Currently Postgresql and Oracle are supported. You can find it here: http://bitbucket.schuller.lu/hibernatestgeometry It's still beta, but first tests are very promising. I'm using the WKT/WKB representation to read or update the geometry in the database. It looks like this: ...

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