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I found another way to bulk insert points into ArcSDE geodatabase. It's based on another way to define points presented by ESRI here, sde.st_geometry (x,y,z,m,srid), which is recommended when performing batch inserts of large numbers of point data. # Bulk insert # # Sample test st_geometry table # create table test (col1 varchar2(30 byte), col2 varchar2(30 ...


Did you look at all the APIs that come with Oracle Spatial Georaster ? One of them is a Java API that lets you manipulate rasters. See the oracle.spatial.georaster package in http://docs.oracle.com/database/121/SPAJV/toc.htm


What database platform is the ArcSDE database hosted on ? Using Oracle and SDO_GEOMETRY as the data type this could work with the workflow below, but you need to take over management of the layer yourself rather than letting ArcSDE do this for you otherwise ArcSDE will get confused by the direct updates to the business table. As suggested by @ujjwalesri ...

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