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You have two issues mixed. First: pgRoute, uses precreated topology based on LineString geometry. Such geometry doesn't have direct links on osm Nodes. You could get geospatial points for built route, not osm Nodes. To get Nodes, you could build an index among osm Nodes geometries and perform distance lookup. In other words, select all nodes which are not ...


The flat nodes file is used directly by osm2pgsql, not by PostgreSQL. To change the location, you just have to stop automatic updates, move the flat nodes file, and change the osm2pgsql command line being called to use the new location. If you are not updating your database, you do not need the flat nodes file at all, as it is only used by osm2pgsql.


A couple of points: 1) - Although you should technically be able to connect to a PostGIS database filled with OSM data processed by osm2pgsql using ArcGIS for Server, Direct Connect or using Query Layers, I do strongly recommend you to have a look at ESRI's "ArcGIS Editor for OpenStreetMap". This free extension allows a much smoother workflow for you to ...

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