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Leaving out name seems no good idea. Not every object in Germany has a name:de tag. I would keep landuse to get the residential and industrial areas. access would be nice to filter out private ways.


Did you do the settings that are suggested after setting up Postgresql in the link that you followed? shared_buffers = 128MB checkpoint_segments = 20 maintenance_work_mem = 256MB autovacuum = off Also, please try increasing the number of threads in renderd.conf And if you are using a relatively common machine eg. 8gb RAM, in my opinion, you should not ...


You most probably don't want to invent your own geocoder because this is a really tricky task. Addresses in OSM are rarely stored as a full, complete set for every single object. Instead, pre-calculations have to be done in order to add administrative information like cities, municipalities, countries and so on. Instead try to use one of the already ...


Probably the first thing to do is to import your data again after you have read about addresses in OSM from http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Addresses. Why you should do import again is that the default osm2pgsql style file does not import all the keys which will likely need, for example addr:street ...

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