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You will find the route relations in the planet_osm_line table, with a negative osm_id field value corresponding to the OSM relation ID. Once you have loaded the table, you can set a filter on the table with rightclick on the layer entry: "osm_id" = '-51855' to get only the trail you want, and then export the result to the format you want. If you want a ...


You might try Maperitve as a lightweigt source of rendering tiles as well. It works on Windows on small and medium areas, and needs no database.


mod_tile effectively has no Windows support. If you don't need it's cache invalidation, you might consider a tile server like MapProxy which has Windows support and can render a Mapnik-based map. You'll find that there is relatively little to no documentation about getting all of the parts to work together on Windows systems. If you do get it working, ...

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