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I had a similar problem importing romania and hungary sql files bun not in the case of us imports. The problem was that some segments were not inserted because of an encoding problem. Solved this by changing the client encoding to UTF8 in the psql console. The code I used looks like this: mydatabase-# \encoding UTF8 mydatabase-# \i ...


Please make sure your database uses UTF-8 encoding. And it seems there is a bug? in Postgres 9.4 which does not occur in older versions. Now you'll also have to modify your client encoding for psql. Well, you are using 9.2, but it might be the same issue. http://dba.stackexchange.com/questions/71597/postgresql-set-default-psql-client-encoding


Which osm2po version did you use and how (parameters?) did you start it? Hmmm... 74,660,756 of 235,414,299 sounds great. The rest are buildings, places, areas, boundary segments etc. and no routable roads or paths. May I see the complete log-file to find the ArrayIndexOutOfBounds-Exception? By the way: The error says, that one array has been populated with ...

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