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Responsible for the value U receive is the DefaultGraphBuildInterceptor. The current implementation does the following: @Override public int getFlags(SegmentedWay way, int segmentIdx, boolean reverse) { Node[] nodes = way.getSegments()[segmentIdx].getNodes(); Node targetNode = reverse ? nodes[0] : nodes[nodes.length -1]; int wayClazz = ...


You need to use osm2psql for example, if you want to import data, that is not (road) network data. osm2pgrouting only handles linestring geometries and will not work with point data.


In pgrouting, pgr_trsp - Turn Restriction Shortest Path (TRSP) does exactly what you are looking for. Instead of specifying source and target nodes, you can specify source and target edges, and the fraction along the edge where your origin and destination are located. (You can use ST_Line_Locate_Point to get that fraction from your point geometry, assuming ...


If you want to extract the few addr:* tags attached to streets, the current version might help. But you'll need Java to overwrite some standard behavior. Implement your own WayTagResolver or extend the Default one. There is a "meta"-attibute which can be populated withr custom data. Nevertheless, GeoCoding is one of the next steps I'm going to implement. One ...

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