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With osm2po (and some basic Java skills) this is possible. Call DefaultRouter with a random vertex sourceId and set the targetId to 0. This lets the Dijkstra expand the complete graph. Finally call getVisited() to collect all visited vertices. Vertices which are not visited belong to isolated edges. If you've randomly hit an isolated vertex you'll receive a ...


This is a very good point! THX! I've just modified my current version (upcoming 5.x to meet this requirement). In the meantime the only thing you can do is to overwrite the DefaultWayTagResolver with Java means.


The file osm2po.config, which can be obtained from the downloads tab on the osm2po page, contains a table with four column, defined as: 1) concurrent order 2) class (1-127) 3) default speed in kmh 4) allowed transportation type (optional) - since v4.5.30 And here are some sample rows, which I think explain where the 12, 51, etc, you are ...

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