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I seemed to have solved the problem by taking this approach: 1) perform create table highwaysinglegeom as select st_union(the_geom) from analysis.po_highway 2) perform the update query above using the single geometry highway table as the intersection layer rather than separate multilinestrings from my network.


So, after following Carsten's suggestion from the comments, I could finally generate a routing database for the entire world. The catch was to use the tileSize command line argument from osm2po. The actual values that I used were java -Xmx8192m -jar osm2po-core-4.8.8-signed.jar prefix=world tileSize=10x10,1.0 planet-140430.osm.pbf in case you are wondering ...


A month ago a friend of mine asked me to convert the topology for all walkable streets of the planet file with osm2po. We finally agreed to exclude motorways but to include everything from trunk to track. It took about 5 hours on (don't ask me for details) a dedicated linux server with 24Gig RAM. Okay, osm2po does lot's of preprocessing stuff and applies ...


I was able to import a full planet file in about 5 days using osm2pgsql with almost the same machine specs you have. You could do that, then use the PGRouting Calculate Topology functions (plus the other info on that page) to build your network. This has the added advantage of giving you a PostGis database with all the tags as well to use for queries or ...

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