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as you can see in your relation_members table, the member_role belonging to your id ( 57582 ) is 'R' <<-- Relation. So your id (108786) contains another relation. Check: select * from relation_members where id = 57582; to see if there is another relation nested within this one. Your can select the id from the nodes or way table if the corresponding ...


Did you try to check if this id (57582) is present in your table 'relations' ? I'm not really used to the pgnapshot schema but i guess it should be referenced itself as a relationship in your database ? Hope you will find (or already have) a solution to your answer!


Your syntax looks odd, please try the original code snippets and alter them step by step till you get the desired results: https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Osmosis#Example_usage It's also wise to start with an pretty small area, so your processing is fast and doesn't prevent you from testing :)

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