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Your error message is explained in another answer (the merge task can merge only two pipes, so you need two merge tasks). But there's another way to address your problem, which is to avoid merging entirely: You're filtering one tag pattern in each of three parallel pipelines, then merging those pipelines. In fact, each tag-filter task can accept more than ...


You need those nodes of the way to get the way geometry. OpenStreetmap does not store any vertex coordinates in the way table, only the reference to the node number. Using osm2pgsql gives you the points you want, i.e. only nodes with additional tags.


There is no way to export a osm file from a database with osm2pgsql schema. So I solved my problem creating a database with the snapshot schema that is a modified and simplified version of the main OSM DB schema. I imported my osm file and redid the changes that I had made in the database with the osm2pgsql schema in the database with the snapshot schema. ...


As stated here link to previous article while it is possible to add the data to MySQL common wisdom advises against this practice. Most of the tools have been developed to import OSM data in PostgresQL + PostGIS databases, for RDBMS or using GDAL toolkit, to convert OSM XML data to SpatiaLite file database.

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