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When you install QGIS in Mac OS X (via the Kyng Chaos version, via different Homebrew versions as the osgeo4mac version of Larry Shaffer or via MacPorts) you need to install also GDAL/OGR. And you can use the programs/libraries independently of QGIS (Mac OS X is a Unix system and the GDAL tools are not within QGIS) For example the GDAL Tools of the Kyng ...


At least the GDALTools core plugin uses the tools directory for raster operations. Not sure if they are being used elsewhere.


Old thread but just for others with this issue: I had this problem running Geoserver via Eclipse, I tried changing <jet.port> in the pom.xml, but this had no effect. However; the solution is in the docs: Open the Arguments panel of the Start configuration [..] Specify the -Djetty.port parameter, setting it to the desired port

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