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After some attempts I've found a some sort of solution. As I can understand there's no way to find a default repository for gsb file as for Windows or Linux so you need to define the gsb full path inside the target-CRS string. E.g if the ROME40.gsb is inside /Users/dzuliani/ format the +nadgrids as in the following string +proj=tmerc +lat_0=0 +lon_0=6 ...


The "browse" feature may have gotten "stuck" on an empty or illegal file path and name, perhaps involving a directory in the path. Rather than use the browse button, try typing in a fully qualified file name, including the path. Start at the "beginning" with the top level device or "/" directory. If all works well, as you type you should receive file ...


Follow this link to a QGIS 2.0 Workshop on how to Install QGIS on Mac OS X. It will give you instructions on how to install a new version of QGIS (latest one) with all dependencies. Initially, it will also lead you to the place where you can download a compatible version.

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