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What you're trying to do is known as apportionment. This takes a numerical attribute value of a feature and divides it in some way between pieces that feature is split into. There are a number of different solutions. In fact, there's a specific tool for it in the Business Analyst extension, but you probably don't have that. Esri has also published a ...


The simplest solution is probably to create a topology with the Must Not Overlap rule, select all errors in the Error Inspector window, right-click and choose Substract: You can find out how to create a topology here if necessary. You can create the topology, add feature classes and rules with ModelBuilder with the tools from the Topology toolset, but you ...


Your problem is that WFS 1.0.0 does not support reprojection of the coordinates. If you switch your request version to 1.1.0 then GeoServer will take your srs into account.

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