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Short answer - No, ArcGIS will always pass parameters as as positional arguments. Longer answer - Sort of, if you use a slightly hacky technique of accepting both positional arguments or options in your script, using the parse_known_args method. Something like: import argparse def main(arg1,arg2,arg3): print arg1,arg2,arg3 parser = ...


Another method is to use Model Builder via the Processing Toolbox: Create a model to run the SAGA:Resampling algorithm with all the required parameters Save the model (make sure to add a model name and group name in the text boxes) Exit the Model Builder and you should see your saved model in the list under the group name you provided (Processing Toolbox > ...


If you have two sources, first join them together, either by spatial or attribute criteria. Then you can use columns of both data sources in the Field calculator. Field calculation examples using code blocks and multiple parameters.

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