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I used the Vector --> Analysis Tools --> Distance matrix to find out the distance between the points in Point Layer and then in the resultant file generated .csv multiplied distance column with 111.32 to get the distance in Kms. I verified the results by comparing it with actual distances Hope this help


Unfortunately the parameterType property is read only (see here and here), so you cannot change it. However, you can modify the updateMessages function to check for blank string. It might look something like below. Try this (you will need to modify parameter indices, as mine are 0-2): def updateParameters(self): """Modify the values and properties of ...


If the sql command: Select uri_placeinst, ST_AsText(coord_placeinst) as coord_place_inst From public."NewInfoGeometric" where uri_contesto = %urlcont% and GeometryType(ST_AsText(coord_placeinst)) = %typegeom% and tipofeature=%typefeat% The expression GeometryType(ST_AsText(coord_placeinst)) returns a string perhaps you need ...

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