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First Add the file as the first parameter (you probably already got this far). Then add a field. Filter the field as in my top screenshot for the type of data for your field. "Obtained From" provides the answer to the question. You have to set that to your FILE. You also have to set the TYPE to Derived (instead of required) on the Field.


I find the textbook that gives the best definition and discussion is: Principles of Geographical Information Systems (Spatial Information Systems) Paperback – April 9, 1998 by Peter A. Burrough Rachael A. McDonnell I seem to remember a trial dataset of flooding on the Netherlands as well to play with.


On the fly transform: Click the CRS status button on the lower right corner of the window. Tick the "Enable 'on the fly' CRS transformation" dialogue box. Select your desired projection and click Apply. Result: Reproject layer: Right click on layer -> "Save as..." -> CRS: Selected CRS -> Then select your CRS from the list. I recommend on the fly ...

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