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You need to remove the single quotes around your length comparison values, like this: if len(row[1]) == 2: The reason is that len() returns an integer value, and if your comparison value is surrounded by quotes, then that makes it a string. So even if returned value is 2, when you compare 2 == '2' python will return False.


You need to use Spatial Join from ArcToolbox: ArcToolbox -> Analysis Tools -> Overlay -> Spatial Join Then input the first polygon in the Target Feature and second polygon as Join Feature. In the Match Option use intersect (default) if you only need the PIN number without considering to be exactly inside the first polygon.


Not sure where you got your data. In Alameda County, if your data has Use Code or Use Description, use that. If it just has Use Code, then check this chart here for residential uses, Alameda County Assessor Use Codes If it has neither, you could download this table that has use codes, then join it to your shapefile and assign residential based on the Use ...

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