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Adobe Illustrator has an undocumented ceiling limit on the maximum number of vertices you can have in a single segment of a line/polygon. This limit is 32,000 vertices in one line segment. There are some ways around this limit. Make the polygon a line, the break the line up into smaller lines or use a generalise tool. You can rebuild the polygon in ...


From the info here it seems the driver is fully implemented, so you should be able to open the PDF with gdal and then call GDALDataset::GetGeotransform to get the cell resolution


This was resolved by using a compression other than JPG compression. No compression at all was by far the best, but resulted in a massive (100+ meg) PDF that was too large to be usable. LZW ("lossless") compression had image quality almost as good, and kept the resulting PDF file size within 20% of what the JPG compression had been accomplishing.


There is an experimental plugin for QGIS called "GeorefExport" that will allow you to export a Geospatial PDF (as well as other formats) maps from QGIS directly. From what I can tell, though, this plugin does not work from a Composer template, just the primary editor map frame.

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