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I've had very good luck exporting to pdf etc from arcmap 10.1+ compared to earlier versions - until recently. On export or print to virtual printer for a 36x48 poster, arcmap would process for a while, memory usage would spike, and then arcmap would crash. Every. Single. Time. Because of the out of memory message, I tried tweaking memory and settings on my ...


Try this: In ArcMap>File>Export Map...>Select PDF>Format Tab>Check 'Embed All Document Fonts' This makes the PDF functional by machines/printers that do not have the fonts used in the source doc. It may be an issue here due the embedded object (Excel) within the map doc. If that doesn't work, try changing the font in Excel to Arial. There are several posts ...


You need to add a text field in the parcel table. This field will contain the path to the PDF file, a different one for each parcel. Then you can set the action on this field to open the PDF file.


If you are importing that as a picture, then Export in JPEG. ArcGIS wants to recognize the features its exporting to PDF and layer, whereas JPEG is just an image. I've had that happen a bunch of times. You can change what font/format you use in Excel, but I don't know what a better option is, and that may help. Then it's up to you how you want to convert ...

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