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We used to have those problems all the time but it seems pretty rare now. I assume because we are all using 10.2 now. I suggest upgrading and then trying again. If it still doesn't work submit a ticket with Esri to try to work it out. There are other threads here already that list a bunch of tricks you can do to minimize issues but I am on my phone right ...


There are many known issues exporting maps to vector PDF in ArcGIS. Some of these issues cannot be resolved. With ESRI's efforts directed towards ArcGIS Pro we will likely see less attention devoted to solving existing problem such as this one. You can implement some mechanism in the source map document that does not place the unwanted labels along the ...


If I were you, I'd throw away the PDF form. I doubt you'll get it working with GPS coordinates getting in there, unless you copy paste them in. What you might like to look into is the following two products, both of which support offline data collection with nice forms: Open Data Kit, a free Android only tool with a web-based backend and Google Fusion ...


You might notice that when you manually change between Data View and Layout view, the scale changes. I would suggest changing to Layout view before you set the scale i.e. something like: mxd.activeView='PAGE_LAYOUT' df.zoomToSelectedFeatures(); df.scale = 2400.0


I would use the "SHAPE@" token with the search cursor, then do something like this: with arcpy.da.SearchCursor(fc, ("SHAPE@", "UNIQUE_ID")) as searchCur: for row in searchCur: myDF.extent = row[0].extent myDF.scale = 50 arcpy.RefreshActiveView() arcpy.mapping.ExportToPDF(thisMap, ...


I also have this problem. ArcGIS 10 Service Pack 5. I instead made the decision to export to a jpg and convert to PDF using Acrobat. No more white lines!!


You can try to explore the GEOPDF function within ArcGIS. You can access the functionality by Selecting File>Export then select "PDF" as your Save As Type. Click the Advanced Tab and select "Export PDF Layers and Feature Attributes". See Image below for presets. In order to access the content in the PDF: First you will need to open the area that the ...

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