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Have you seen arcpy.mapping? Many of the things you're looking to accomplish can be done using this module (e.g. turning layers on and off, changing symbology, etc.). Have a look at the functions list. However, the team at ESRI has stressed that they aren't trying to expose everything that's available in ArcObjects, so you may find things that you can't ...


yes. the extent of a map is accessible via map.extent. the zoom level is accessible via map.getLevel()


Last time I saw that (the symbology leak) I had to fix a self intersection in a polygon. That could be the reason for the error. But higher resolution pdf creation does take some extra configuration. Make sure you have plenty of virtual ram set. Make sure there is plenty of disk space on your temp drive. Ussually c drive. I think I remember something in ...


By using "<FNT name = 'Arial'>" + ' ←' + "</FNT>" + ' Pathway to Moosehide Village ' it came out fine and kept the original font. Thanks for all the suggestions.


While I'm unsure why this is occurring (my best guess is some font capability issue), if you add graphic text (in the Drawing toolbar) on top of your map in the Layout View and export to pdf -the arrow stays. I just tested this myself. I hope this helps!


You could use import os myfile = r"C:\temp\test.pdf" os.system("start " + myfile) Just tested running this chunk of code from Python add-in from ArcMap and it works fine. More discussion on using this is here.

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