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When you tell GDAL to use SQLite SQL dialect the most part of the work is done by Spatialite library. Couple of weeks ago another user reported that ST_Collect in Spatialite was pretty slow for any bigger tasks https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/spatialite-users/t3QrvA1qQyg. Week after that Alessandro Furieri announced about a code optimization which ...


i'm not sure about the ogr2ogr command line tools, though i tend to do similar processes using ogr in python - something like: (assuming these are shapefiles) from osgeo import ogr def ogrClip(polys, points, clipppedPoints): # not certain if a separate driver is required for each shapefile? shpdrv = ogr.GetDriverByName('ESRI Shapefile') ...


From the posted code is unclear where the myparclist is coming from. I presume that you are running a searchCursor within the updateCursor. You may avoid a searchCursor by joining the tables and only running the updateCursor. Or, if you have customer locations, you may want to perform a spatial join instead. Few more ideas: move the data into a ...


You ask, 'so is there any way I can increase the speed?' Geoprocessing calls like arcpy.GetRasterProperties_management() are slow calls. Using the arcpy objects, in this case Raster and accessing its property minimum will generally (most likely always) be faster. Specifically one way to speed your script up would be to use: raster_minimum = ...


For image processing, there are currently two projects that deal with this: Geotrellis GIS Tools for Hadoop Those projects are dealing directly with parallel systems (as GPU processing and High Performance Computing), but not limited to it , and being able to implement on distributed systems. GIS Tools for Hadoop was initially designed to work on a ...


I wouldn't overgeneralize and say "GIS software doesn't use GPU for processing" when talking just about ArcMap. Anything that uses OpenGL or DirectX with shaders will take advantage of GPU memory: Google Earth, ArcScene/ArcGlobe, ENVI, OpenSceneGraph, AmigoCloud, CesiumJS, etc.


It's a bit old, but maybe you could try your query with ST_DWithin instead ? See this thread.

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