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I just took a subset of the Esri "Data & Maps" US major highways (CONUS with CLASS=1 - 11,803 features), projected it to PCS_NAD_1983_CONUS_ALBERS, and generated a 2km x 2km polygon grid in envelope {-2.6m,0.2m,+2.4m,3.2m} (2500x1500 cells = 3.75m polygons) to simulate your data. Then I used Kernel Density to make a heatmap of 2km x 2km cells (in 0.1 ...


Similar to @Vince and @Martin, if you wanted to see how many lines intersected each polygon cell, you could: Use Feature to Line to cut the lines by the polygon boundary, then remove the lines that actually belonged to the polygon (since they're both present in the output) so you just have lines belonging to the polyline FC. Use Tabulate Intersection with ...


This is an alternative way of dealing with this problem, with a Python script that clips the lines for each polygon (iterate over all polygons), count the lines that are left and write to the attribute table. What is presented here is pieces of a code I had lying around, and is not properly tested nor a complete script. It is configured as a script tool in ...


According to a recent comparison of different mapping engines in performing tile seeding (see Section 4.3), MapServer should be much faster than GeoServer. Is there any re-projection of geometries in your rendering stack? An old version of MapServer might have the same issue with proj4 lib as Mapnik had.


After hours of frustration, trial and error. I found the reason and solution! Reason: Basemap layer doesn't have same projection as other layer(s) in one Data Frame! Transformation on the fly takes time. Solution: Use only one projection throughout one Data Frame for all layers!

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