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Have you tried cutting out ArcPy by converting it to an array and then using numpy's minimum function?


Are you sure it is arcpy.ListFeatureClasses() that takes such a long time? Could it be some other piece of code? Verify with the profiler with just a dummy os.time as shown here. On the SSD disk (2 years old, was heavily used daily), the arcpy.ListFeatureClasses() returns the list of ~800 shapefiles found in the folder specified in less than 5 secs (just ...


Server doesn't take advantage of GPU processing, nor do the extensions you mention. System requirements for Server don't mention GPUs at all.


The index in native PostgreSQL is basically the same as that in PostGIS (except for selectivity estimates, where PostGIS is better) so there will be no real performance change on such a simple query. Because you're testing one point/poly combination at a time and not doing any repeats of the same poly in the same query (as would be the case on a spatial ...


You can use the Manage Tile Cache tool to create a tpk, instead of File > Share as > Tile Package. This tool not only uses multiple cores, but provides other options, such as generating tiles only within area of interest features and options to cache at a broader range of scales and at specified scales. ...

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