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# Import system modules import arcpy from arcpy import env This code in the last line won't function. # Set environment settings env.workspace = "C:/temp" print env.workspace # Set local variables inFeatures = 'task7.mdb' print inFeatures outLocation = 'C:/temp/output.gdb' print outLocation # Execute TableToGeodatabase ...


If you happen to have all the featureclasses you want to convert in a map document, you could just run the Consolidate Map tool on that MXD. Make sure to check the "convert data to file geodatabase option". Inside the output folder will be one or more fgdbs (depending on how many source pgdbs held the original features). If you don't have an MXD with all ...


Take a look at the Feature Class To Geodatabase (Conversion) tool. This should hopefully do what you need. You can right click the tool and batch export a number of items.


Well is was easier than expected, not ODBC stuff, just the following code: mylayer = QgsVectorLayer(r"D:\Test\test.mdb|layername=points", "mypoints", "ogr") QgsMapLayerRegistry.instance().addMapLayer(mylayer) I hope it will work on the newer versions of QGis.

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