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First, you should realize that this is more of a general Postgres question, since all Postgres databases can be backup up, whether or not they are PostGIS. If you find you need more detailed answers, you should probably ask this question on dba.SE. The standard way to back up a Postgres database is the pg_dump utility. You're question is extremely general, ...


You can backup via the write ahead logs (WAL-segments in pgxlog-folder) together with a normal copy of the data folder as well. It has the advantage of being faster than restoring from a dump (depending on the last snapshot), but that does only brings an advantage for larger datasets. Generally it is best to not store your data in the public schema as ...


I was struggling with the same problem today. Finally got a solution that I am sharing here. The root of the problem is search_path of postgres database. sudo su postgres psql database_name the check out the search_path of the database database_name=# show search_path your schema that has the postgis extension should be in the search_path. To check ...


I think the package postgis from the ubuntu repo will install everything you need, as explained in the last lines of

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