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There's a detailed article here, does it answer your question ? One part is about connecting from QGIS by adding a postgis layer, the other part is about installing Postgis inside PostGreSQL


I guess it's better to answer here than comments on your question: 1) As mentioned source and target are integers that are unique identifiers for starting and ending points of your edge. So if an edge joins with another they share a point in common and you'll see the id repeated. This is a very fundamental piece of routing since travel stops are at the ...


Here is my solution (it can be improved for sure!). I wrote this function: RETURNS TABLE(node integer, cost double precision) AS $BODY$ DECLARE node integer; BEGIN FOR node IN SELECT DISTINCT (temp.node_id) FROM temp -- WHERE node_id = 6626 (temporary filter to speed up testing) LOOP RETURN QUERY EXECUTE 'SELECT pgr_drivingdistance.id1, ...

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