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Yes, you can do this with pgRouting. As a starting point I would recommend you to look at the pgRouting Workshop. Most efficient for your case might be the one-to-many shortest path funtion named kDijkstra. You could import your node-pairs into a PostgreSQL database or just write a small application that reads the CSV file and then runs the SQL queries. ...


UbuntuGis was never updated for 14.04. If you look in ubuntugis/ppa/ubuntu/dists, the last entry is for Saucy, not Trusty. Hence your failures.


There are a couple of sources which describe how to develop isochrone maps: Public transport isochrones with pgRouting This post contains information in great detail on how to install, run and conduct a variety of analyses on isochrone maps with pgRouting. Included a couple of images so you can if it's something you are looking for: Image of pgRouting ...

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