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Ok, update after another couple of hours of trying. I think I solved the problem, more or less by accident. Since I digitized/simplified the grid structure by hand, one of the problems supposedly was, that a couple of lines would have intersections between their beginning and end points. It seems like a good idea to let QGIS handle this and use 'Split ...


As already commented: If you need to estimate better speeds for every road from your taxi tracks that is completely doable with GraphHopper and this open source map matching component for it.


NetworkX (http://cheeseshop.python.org/pypi/networkx/) is a Python package with many functions for graph and network analysis. With this package installed you can solve the problem of generating a shortest distance matrix using the Python console in QGIS. All you need is a network layer (the edges) with a valid topology. The edges need at least 3 ...

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