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The PicLayer plugin adds new items to the Imagery/Moreā€¦ menu item. There you will find the following new items: New picture Layer from file New picture Layer from clipboard


Actually, you would need to access the instance method of the QgsProviderRegistry class, since it is a singleton: QgsProviderRegistry.instance().pluginList() However, as you can see, it doesn't list QGIS plugins, but data provider plugins, which are used by QGIS to support different data formats such as WFS, PostgreSQL/PostGIS, WMS, GDAL, etc. To ...


This can also happen if you start QGIS from a Python virtual environment shell. I had a previously perfectly working QGIS+Python system suddenly stop doing Python. Nothing had changed or upgraded. It was literally working ten minutes ago. Then it wasn't. Turned out I'd started it from a Python virtual environment, so the python libs needed weren't there. ...


This problem also occurs while moving from QGIS 2.2 to the 2.6 under Ubuntu 14.04 and is also solved by installing (or re installing) the package python-qgis.


I'd start python console and 'import ogr' command give errors! It's not a flowmapper pluging error seems more deeply programs.


All QGIS 2.x plugins should run with QGIS 2.6 too. It might be that some plugins need an update. You can look under "installed" plugins if the missing plugins are present, but unchecked.

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