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Go to Layer properties, then Style. Under resampling set Zoomed in: Nearest neighbour to Cubic. Set Zoomed out: Nearest neighbor to Average. Set Oversampling to 4 or 5. Maybe this helps.


You might want to look at SAGA's "DTM Slope based filter", which can be used from QGIS. This takes a DSM, and outputs two rasters removed objects (buildings) bare earth (anything which isn't a building) If you have SAGA GIS installed, it can be called using Processing, or you can add it to the Processing Modeller. It appears in Processing panel under ...


You don't seem to have any layers loaded, that's why it's greyed out. I've not used this tool myself, but it seems you need to select a vector layer, set it to edit mode. Once you've done that, then the plugin's toolbar icon will activate, and you can use it to edit your lines. If you need to change the settings, it's under Vector > Digitize Spline ...

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