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Merhaba Başak Hanım, You could try manual installation if you are experiencing issues with automatic installation by using QGIS Plugin Manager. FlowMapper is designed to be compatible with Windows, MacOS* and Linux platforms. It other words it has cross platform support. (*filtering options do not work under macos unless gdal/ogr dependencies are ...


Why do you need to produce the graph using QGIS? I would suggest using R (free software) or excel. in R: go to file / change dir... and navigate to the folder with your csv code: data = read.csv("yourdata.csv") x <- data$date y <- data$waterlevel plot(x,y) ?plot If you need to display the graph in QGIS you can save the image as a TIFF from R and ...


I discoverd the answer to this question, just check the option for ”suppress attribute form pop-up after feature creation” found in settings-options-digitizing-feature creation.

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