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This is possible in QGIS using the print composer. You'll need to both: Remove the background color from the map item. This is done by unchecking the "background" option in the map item's properties. (The default is a white background) Set the page itself to a transparent style. This is done through the composition properties tab.


Arcmap has the ability to save with transparent colour for those image formats that support a transparent colour: GIF and PNG, of these two the PNG (Portable Network Graphic) is the better format as it supports 24bit colour and transparency where GIF only has 8bit palette colour and transparency. To make the export transparent select in the export dialog ...


Aside from a few variables being inconsistently named this worked flawlessly. Thanks for posting! # which is problematic to do manually due to a Windows-related bug in the ArcMap UI. # Warning: It will make any white features (e.g. the default background color) transparent. # # INSTRUCTIONS: # When in ArcMap, viewing a saved mxd... # 1. From the ...


I don't quite know why but when I accidentally typed .png twice (C:\OSGeo4W64\bin>gdal_polygonize star.png.png bla) it worked.

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