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I didn't have a straightforward solution to bulk load images into a style without programming, so I tackled the problem from a different direction. Font symbols load faster than images so I used this video to help me make a font with Inkscape. SVG font with Inkscape


I have developed VBA code that does this. Unfortunately it does not work for my BMPs (I fear they are too big). You can try it on yours. Did you solve this another way? I don't see a way to attach my MDB/Style file, but happy to send it to you. Eric


disable the antialising through geoserver wms config page check it here. If not using SVG then pass a parameter to your WMS http request like so: &format_options=antialiasing:off I have used this vendor parameter and I have seen it working perfectly with text labels but it should work for your case as well. Try also to play a bit with the dpi option ...

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