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geocode the points of interest. then take your road centerline shapefile and create a buffer around it that is adequate for your needs (as some points of interest may be 40' off the road, etc) then do a spatial join of all POIs that fall inside the road buffer.


(1) Your plot shows the points as small circles. In the computation, they are considered as real, zero-area points, and the lines are considered as zero-width lines. If the plot suggests they intersect, this may be because the lines have a certain width and points a certain area, but that their mathematical representations do not intersect. You could compute ...


You're trying to do far too much with a single operation or query. You need to break the problem down into smaller components, and possibly create a script or model to automatically run all the steps. Buffer points, do not dissolve. This will give you a single buffer polygon for each point, some of which may overlap. It is possible to buffer based on an ...

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