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I gave Open Jump a chance and it works. What do you think, will there be a tool like that (it works like Zonal statistics just with a point and a polygon vector layer) one day in QGis?


If it does not need to be QGis I believe that Aggregation tool of OpenJUMP Plus can do exactly what you want. Tool is in Plugins - Analysis - Aggregation. With the selections used in the image below the tool adds a new column "Average" into the polygon layer and populates the field with average value of attribute "measure" of the points which are within each ...


I'm not 100% sure, but it seems that restarting QGIS helped out. Now I tried to fix several issues in my polygons in the same way I did yesterday. But when I know doubleclick a line, it correctly creates just one point and I can move it anywhere without creating green crosses. I did this 10 times and nowhere got them now. The only thing I changed was ...


The green marks indicate that you have created a topological error. For example, when you "cross your own path" and create a geometry that does not make too much sense anymore. Consider this: Step1: Everything is still OK now: Step 2: Now you are about to create an error: Step 3: And, whoops, there the error is, and it is marked in green: You most ...

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