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For a naive approach you can use this SQL select: SELECT v.nev, f.nev, ST_Distance(v.geom, f.geom) FROM varos AS v CROSS JOIN folyo AS f WHERE (v.nev, ST_Distance(v.geom, f.geom)) in ( SELECT varos.nev, min(ST_Distance(varos.geom, folyo.geom)) FROM varos CROSS JOIN folyo WHERE varos.nev = v.nev GROUP BY varos.nev); This Query selects the nearest city ...


An all encompassing list of this information may be hard to find. One option would be to compile your own list using a site like or using something like Google Earth. Just zoom in close and record the lng/lat coordinates.


I would recommend checking out rule based styling (e.g. here and here). Using rules you can setup various rule/expressions against the layer field(s) values to evaluate your various conditions. You may also stack rule symbols on-top of each other based on conditional priority using the Rendering order button. This may eliminate the step of having ...

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