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The Fastest Way to do it, is tool - Feature Vertices to Point, then choosing the "Dangle node" option. If there a gaps between lines, you will have a points there. Then you could join it manually or use Snap tool.


As per dmh126 answer you need to build a topology in ArcGIS (any GIS software that supports it) to do this. Additionally you can force nodes to snap together by changing the XY Tolerance and resolution of the data. Care needs to be taken in doing this as changes need to be appropriate to the scale of your data and its spatial reference. The help links ...


You need to create topologies and fix your shapefiles. Here is a guide to create a topology to a layer. In your topology you have to add new rule Must Not Have Dangles. List of rules. Next step is a validation. ArcGIS will locate all of your gaps, and you could fix them.


Have a look at this tool by Ian Broad @ian. It seems like it would do exactly what you need. Create Points on Polylines Additionally, the arcpy.Polyline().positionAlongLine() method will also generate a point which you can write to a Point feature class, if you are okay with Python scripting.


There are many tools on the ArcScripts website that can do this sort of thing. Search for this tool Create Points on Polylines or if you want to insert them into the underlying polyline geometry have a look at Densify_June_2013.


I think you might be looking for the densify tool... Select your line segment and run the densify tool to add vertices along the line. Or you could use the split tool to break it into individual segments. split

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