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I work in ArcGIS, so my workflow would be to parse the data into a table with "From" and "To" coordinate pairs. I would keep the attributes, particularly the model layer. I think that a better solution would be to find existing software that can export the path lines. The help for MODPATH version 6 seems to say that you can use MODPATH Examiner to export ...


First you need a line identifier. A buffer will probably do what you need, with dissolve. Then you can spatially join the buffer polys back to the points and transfer the buffer fid across. Then you need to sequence them in some way. The points all seem to go NE-SW, so perhaps ordering on the Y coord will get you a sequence. Apply this as an index to the ...


we have once Geoprocessing tool Point to Line in arcgis use once i think this is useful to you http://resources.arcgis.com/en/help/main/10.1/index.html#//00170000003s000000


One approach is to convert this to raster and then extract contours Another is to find the buffer for each point;Dissolve those buffers to get a narrow polygon;Find the center line of each dissolved polygon.

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