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You could use a subquery and ST_Union select ST_AsTexT(ST_Union(a.singlegeom, b.singlegeom )) from ( SELECT ST_COLLECT (ST_Simplify(geom ,. 005)) AS singlegeom FROM PUBLIC .mzones WHERE ID = ALL (ARRAY [ 'GMZ730' ]) ) a, ( SELECT ST_COLLECT (ST_Simplify(geom ,. 005)) AS singlegeom FROM counties WHERE fips IN ...


Use this guide to set up indexes for a spatial database. Here is the gist of it: 1. create indexes on ID, source and target columns. 2. create index using GIST on geom column. 3. vacuum 4. cluster on geom column 5. analyze for my _4pgr and _vertex tables, only the source and target columns had indexes after the import (osm2po-core-5.1.0).


Your best bet is to add the raster using the DB Manager (Database > DB Manager > DB Manager). This will let you preview your imported raster tables, and you can add them to the canvas using right-click and choose 'add to canvas' from the context menu (tested in 2.14.2) Doing the same thing from QGIS Browser or the Add PostGIS Layers tool button don't work, ...

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