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You can confirm that the discrepancy is a bug by comparing the results of _ST_DistanceUnCached(geog,geog) to _ST_DistanceTree(geog,geog) What is happening under the covers is that the "tree" algorithm only kicks in when a geometry shows up in a query a couple times in a row. At that point the geometry is cached and a tree built on it, for faster distance ...


The error you're getting is because you're trying to restore a database created with an old version of PostGIS (2.1) to a newer version (2.2). I would recommend trying to downgrade your PostGis version to 2.1.x by using the following command in your database, assuming you have no data loaded in it (Please backup your current DB if you do!) DROP EXTENSION ...


I used Buffer to limit out the points and then calculated bearing between buffer points(coordinates) and saved that in MySQL table. Nearest Neighbor and bearing gave me next point of road.

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