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The algorithm for line densification isn't all that difficult (Pythagorean theorem for length and prorate dX and dY at the same ratio). The only tricky part is deciding between even distribution of spacing, or a fixed interval along the middle. You should evaluate the output of the existing method available within JTS before coding your own. The problem ...


OpenJUMP has a "densifier" function in Tools-Analysis-Geometry functions. The source code (GPL licensed) of the tool is in http://sourceforge.net/p/jump-pilot/code/HEAD/tree/core/trunk/src/com/vividsolutions/jump/algorithm/Densifier.java. I believe it will help you.


PPP relies on post-processing using precise orbit and clock data from the satellites. This is data for the same timespan as your measurements, and is based on logged information from reference stations. If you require on-the-fly positioning I doubt you can use PPP.* Depending on your location there may be correction services available where you instead of ...

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