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Under the map's Item Properties panel, look for the "Grids" section. Expand that out and click the green "+" button to add a new grid (you can now have multiple grids per map):


because neither your app or the JSAPI inherently know the dimensions of custom print layouts, you'll have to do some math yourself, taking for granted that the print service is going to 'fit' the current map extent ie: if your print layout is twice as wide as tall, you could interrogate the map extent prior to printing and write custom logic to determine: ...


I usually lock the map I want to prevent from updating automatically, using the option 'Lock layers for map item' within map properties in QGIS composer: In the canvas: check the layer(s) you need to display In the composer: create a new map and check the option 'Lock layers for map item' in the element's properties (see screenshot below) Back in the ...


According to some answers you need to size your map in composer to the same size as the page size. It works, but the only problem is that I loose my framing and coordinate indicators that is on the outside of map. My personal bypass for this is the Georef Export Plugin. With that I first export the background image from google satelite and load the saved ...


Andy's comment will let you crop everything down, but it doesn't work if all you want to crop is the imagery and not other layers/lines. To do that: Create a new/dummy polygon layer and draw a box that encloses the area of the image you wish to show. Open the Dataframe properties and go to the Dataframe tab. At the bottom in the Clip Options section choose ...


Old issue, but right now you can use the Export image option in order to download your map as a .PNG image file. :-)

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