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The scale is simply the absolute distance on your paper devided by the actual corresponding distance in reality. So if you paper is 29,4cm (A4) this corresponds to 6km. So your scale is 1cm --> 204m or 1m --> 20000m or 1:20000 for a landscape-format A4-document (for panel-format this would be 21cm --> 6000m or 1:28500) As an aside you cannot assume that on ...


I assume you have installed comtypes successfully, according to the following SE Q/A: -How do I access ArcObjects from Python? import arcpy from snippets102 import * from comtypes.client import GetModule, CreateObject import comtypes.gen.esriFramework as esriFramework import comtypes.gen.esriArcMapUI as esriArcMapUI import comtypes.gen.esriCarto as ...


I think the key is to make sure both: Map has 'lock layers for map item' and 'lock layer styles for map item' checked Legend has 'Auto-update' unchecked Here is a print composer where the top (pink) map is set as described above, and the 2nd map is being drawn from the same layer as the 1st map:


At least in QGIS 2.12 this can be done by setting what map to populate the legend from in the legen item properties. In the Map dropdown box.


What do you mean by blocking the layers of map0? Your right on creating the overview on map2. Did you try it with just a single layer? See picture below of a working sample with setting. The large map is map0 the small inserted map with the overview is map1.

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