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The easiest way to do this at the moment is via the "lock layers for map item" check box in the map item's properties. This allows you to restrict which layers are visible in each map item. So, basically, you set up the map canvas how you'd like for one map, then check its lock layers check box. Then switch back to the canvas and set up the layers for the ...


It seems that MapFish accepts well WFS as GeoJSON, never tried that though: MapFish Printing Capabilities: WFS? Since you're using Geoserver, you can try GeoExplorer, it may easily work for you: http://workshops.boundlessgeo.com/suiteintro/geoexplorer/introduction.html Check this also out: How to edit using a WFS service, without showing it on the map ...


You could try PrintTask.prototype._getPrintDefinition(map); You may also want to check out this cereal library as well.


For Web printing you could try: 1) MapFish Print: Java based framework that allows web printing up to A0 (PDF only) 2) QGIS Server: a WMS 1.3 compliant map server with 'GetPrint' request capability that allows the client to request printable output in PNG or PDF format. A good guideline document is available here: ...


I use FPDF for printing online, where I can print design, text, chart, table, but I've a problem with OpenLayers. For the element of the map I print all part with QGis Atlas and archive output in online folder, that load on FPDF and mix it with design, text, ...


I have produced good quality A0 maps from both ArcGIS and QGIS. Some GIS licence I have seen do limit the size of plot depending on licence but not those two and there will be pleny of other free/low cost options to explore such as Idrisi, SAGA etc. On this note you may want to consider something like Mapnik or other renderer. It is not down to the GIS ...


For the desktop QGIS will support A0 and any other export size most people need.

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