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You can also build your own topo-maps following this article. No landuse though. Really sweet!


In Europe you can use the Corine Land Cover map at 1:100k, this is land cover rather than land use but for habitat and species mapping may be more appropriate. There are many varieties available of the dataset including; 2006 Seamless Vector map 2006 Raster Dataset Data is available for re-use under the standard European Environment Agency licence ...


Natural Earth offers raster and vector data with scale-depended detailing. Another solution for background maps is the stamen watercolor TMS based on OpenStreetMap data: http://maps.stamen.com/watercolor/#12/37.7706/-122.3782


"Normally" the bbox should be: left, bottom, right, top west, south, east, north minX, minY, maxX, maxY so I would try: bbox: [-1050091.8944356, 4675576.582525099, -990623.88643799, 4733515.8499572] PS: there is a nice BBOX-Cheatsheet: https://github.com/perrygeo/bbox-cheatsheet/blob/master/reference.md Even if OpenLayers/Geoserver is missing there I ...


Well, PrintConductor can help in this case and can save a lot of time. It prints all the files in a folder in a batch mode without having to select a file manually for printing. SO no issue at all. I got it from http://www.print-conductor.com It will really benefit. Thanks

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