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If you know how to do a cross section with heights (using a DEM raster), then you know how to do it with any other variable. All you need to do is convert your data ( the buildings polygons) in raster using the desired field. And then use it in the profile plugin.


The Profile Graph tool in ArcGIS does not work if the input DEM and the selected line feature are not in the same coordinate system. To test this statement, I used a DEM in UTM coordinates and a line feature class in US State Plane. My result was a graph with a constant elevation of one. I reprojected the line feature class to the UTM coordinate system and ...


A rough and ready approach to this could utilise Excel (or any other spreadsheet package) for the graph component: Create a polygon buffer from a point inside the CBD, when I've done this kind of thing before I've used 100 meter increments; Update the lots data with the buffer value; Define a transect through the city - again, when I've done this before I ...

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