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QgsMapLayerRegistry is a singleton. You can therefore access it without iface. QgsMapLayerRegistry.instance().mapLayers()


See How to obtain rotation field name defined in the Labels "Data Defined" section in pyqgis?. You will need to refresh the map canvas at the end of your code to see changes. You are setting the palyr.fieldName to 'name,' which will need to be a valid attribute table field. Please verify. You mention adding the labeling settings to ...


QGIS 2.4 is available via Fink. Install fink run $ fink install qgis24-py27 and you will get qgis, gdal, gdal-py27 (OSGeo module) and psycopg-py27 among many others. No more errors. http://www.uclmail.net/users/babayoshihiko/fink/qgis/index.html

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