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You can also deploy addins by copying the .esriaddin file to a network location and telling the addin manager to search this folder. This location can be added to every PC in your organisation using group policy to set a registry key. See the last section of this page for more details.


If you already packed your addin to an .esriaddin-file (which is nothing but an archive-file similar to ZIP or others) all you have to do is copy the file to your client-PC and install it by double-clicking.


You probably are going to want to form a where clause out of the comboboxes. You can get at the value of the combobox by looking at the docstring of your class to get the actual combobox object's value by the name you see there. So in this example: class RangeComboBoxClass38(object): """Implementation for SEC_TWN_RNG_2_addin.combobox_3 (ComboBox)""" ...

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