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You could use import os myfile = r"C:\temp\test.pdf" os.system("start " + myfile) Just tested running this chunk of code from Python add-in from ArcMap and it works fine. More discussion on using this is here.


I've never used Python Addins but the interface you describe is a Script Tool. A discussion about calling Script tools from Addins is found here. As @Barbarossa comments above you can use tool validation to populate the parameters. Unless there is a specific reason for creating a Python Addin I would probably stick to creating a Python Script Tool.


When using an insert cursor the inserted object may not be written to the feature class as soon as you call insertRow, Python is based on C and C uses filestream objects with windows buffering and aren't flushed until the OFstream::flush(); is called.. this means little from the Python point of view but still needs to be understood. It is best to dismiss the ...


You don't need a plugin for that. Just create a new action that opens your txt file on click. You can find help how to create actions here: http://manual.linfiniti.com/en/create_vector_data/actions.html After you have configured an action (to open your txt file), just use the actions box in the menu.


I used this method. There is also a video showing you how to do it on YouTube. It's very simple VBA to set up, but it only works to sync GE to ArcMap only.

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