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I cannot tell you but perhaps pyTuio may be of some use to you. It is defined as "A Python library that understands the TUIO protocol" and describes the installation and a basic use. Hopefully others can provide some insight.


To change the active tool in ArcObjects use the CurrentTool property of IApplication object: public void CurrentTool(IApplication app) { ICommandBars documentBars = app.Document.CommandBars; UID cmdID = new UIDClass(); cmdID.Value = "{B7FA188F-EBE3-11D0-87FE-080009EC732A}"; ICommandItem cmdItem = documentBars.Find(cmdID, false, false); ...


self.value = 30 will set the initial value of the combobox to 30. Updating the displayed value from your buttons is similar, in this case: firstBreak.value = firstBreak.items[0] before your combobox refresh should do the trick. You don't seem to be using the dropdown or editing functionality of the combobox, so you could consider setting ...

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