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you can get geonode to host your data and cartoview to serve your web mapping applications. it is compatible with ESRI standards and OGC. You can also combine it with opengeo suite. check out the demos at http://cartologic.com/cartoview/demo/


It seems to be a common issue to copy some dlls into C:\OSGeo4W64\apps\qgis\bin. After a few days of trial-and-error it was quite simple to solve this problem: In httpd.conf is a link to httpd_qgis.conf. If this link appears before a FcgidInitialEnv or DefaultInitEnv directive, it will be overwritten by this new directive. Thus there is a missing path for ...


If you installed the packages correctly you now need to decide what web server you want to use for your QGIS server. Windows has its own IIS, but I'm guessing you're using the provided apache. First of all you need to theck if that qgis_mapserv.fcgi.exe is even working (the .exe file is used to respond to your requests). You can simply go to that folder hold ...


I know this question is rather old, but in case someone stumble upon this question, I'd like to give more options. Esri Geoportal Server is an open source product that enables discovery and use of geospatial resources including data and services Might be an interesting alternatives (albeit far fetched in terms of features) to Geonode.

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