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I've had the same problem and asked the question on stackoverflow. As I can see on your site, you hadn't change the pathes in your project. So, you must copy /apache-conf/qgis-web-client.conf.tmpl to .../apache-conf/qgis-web-client.conf (or rename...but I don't want to risk, so I've just copied it). Then you must replace all ...


I have tried to put my shapefiles, into /qgis-web-client/data/ and into /tmp/ Both work fine, because the location path is mentioned into the QGIS project I guess. But in order to see them into the QGIS-Web-Client, Apache (www-data) needs to have the right to open them. Which means, the 'other' needs to be able to read your shapefiles: rw-rw-r-- Hope that ...


Your server works just fine. Use the search field in the upper right corner to search for Indonesia and you will be zoomed there. The only thing that seems to be misconfigured is the default location and/or zoom level.

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