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At MangoMap we offer various query tools out of the box (no coding required). The most powerful is probably the Summary tool, there's a video here showing how it works: Summary Tool The MangoMap query tool is also another alternative: Query Tool


Usually when you properly define the CRS in QGIS -web-client and you are sure that is the only CRS that you are using (if there are 2 CRS's in use on the same project you might get pink tileS), you will have to set the CRS in your project also. After you've done all that the client should open your project the same way it opens in QGIS desktop. So if you go ...


My question was not really related to this stack-exchange but I'll answer it anyways. So the solution lies in reading the definition for json.dumps(). This method is used to encode your result string by default with UTF-8. If you want to change that, you should look for your encoding in the following folder: path\to\python\PythonX\Lib\encodings. Here you ...

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