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I experienced this problem But, discovered that when the print selection window, within the client contained polygons that had; a fill Style that used a point pattern fill, that the PDF would never generate. As a test try to generate a PDF that only contains point and line objects and see if it works. If yes, then try to generate a PDF that also ...


The QTiles plugin should deliver what you want. You have to allow for experimental plugins to get it. If you want the tiles inside leaflet in the usual World Mercator projection, set EPSG:3857 as project CRS before starting the plugin.


I was able to subsequently resolve my issue with accessing the default client landing page remotely. I simply needed to perform the following steps: edit the qgis-web-client.conf file by inserting a "ServerAlias" for the ServerName qgis-web-client.localhost 1a. enter in the following under ServerName qgis-web-client.localhost: "ServerAlias qgismaps" edit ...


SO I'll start with how to set the CRS in your QGIS-webclient. First of all I got pink tiles over my project if the default background layers can't be projected with your CRS. Thats why I disabled the background layers and the client loaded without pink tiles. You can disable background layers in GlobalOptions.js file var enableBingCommercialMaps = false; ...

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