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I figured the ioQuery question. The function did not like the "-" in the text.


You didn't include the Flex code. I assume you are asking about my Search widget Below is what I do to run a query from the url with my widget. You need to include some additional modules at the top of your viewer.js file: define([ ... 'dojo/io-query', 'dojo/topic' ], function (... ioQuery, topic) { Include this queryString widget in the ...


This is expected behaviour. Like @Vince said, SDEBinary is not query layer ready because it isn't a DBMS spatial type. That integer is a a foreign key to the feature table (aka F table) which stores the geometry as a Blob. Only geodatabase connections can read this type of feature class, query layers and connections from non-ESRI clients can not. To ...

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