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Ok, make query table nearly drove me insane. They key elements are that the fields you wish to query on NEED to be indexed and the query needs no quotations, brackets etc within the query. Only use fields in the Fields section that are indexed. And in Key Field Options use 'Add_Virtual_Key_Field'. Even though I have managed to get it to work I'm really not ...


In QGIS 2.6.2 Brighton, you can do the following: Select features Right click on the layer Save as... Select the option "Save only selected objects" Save That should do


I actually miss the older version's option to Save selection as new layer. I'm using QGIS 2.6.0 Brighton and using Edit > Paste options as just doesn't work. One attempted workaround was to create a new layer, then paste features into that layer, however this does not appear to have copied any attribute data for me. Therefore my solution has been to: ...

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