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For the third query, it looks like your parenthesis don't match up. You have one more closing than opening. (((Milsoft.dbo.Outage.InterruptionDuration*Milsoft.dbo.Outage.CustomersOutInitially))/60/Milsoft.dbo.CustomerServedElement.Total)/(SUM (Milsoft.dbo.Outage.CustomersOutInitially)/Milsoft.dbo.CustomerServedElement.Total)) AS Caidi


the problem is solved , i described what I did exactly ,in first i change the type of the id from the serial to integer in the table , i tried to load it with defining the OID in querylayer's advanced option, but without defining the srid or the spatial reference ,the result was: the layer appear in the map & i can open my attribute table wothout any ...


I recall having this problem before with ArcMap. In my case it was because I didn't go back in to the definition of query layer to refresh the columns. I don't have ArcMap in front of me so forget where that is. Try doing that or creating a completely new query layer if you haven't tried that already.

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