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ST_GeomFromText('POINT(22.256 39.569)') is not going to give you a geometry in EPSG:4326. From the documentation: There are 2 variants of ST_GeomFromText function, the first takes no SRID and returns a geometry with no defined spatial reference system. The second takes a spatial reference id as the second argument and returns an ST_Geometry that ...


I am going to write this in VB.Net since that is what I know, and hopefully you can figure out the C# way to do it: To find all the layers, use IEnumLayer interface: Dim pEnumLayer As IEnumLayer = My.ArcMap.Document.ActiveView.FocusMap.Layers(Nothing, True) The second argument determines if this drills down into composite layers. To get the layer from ...


You could get the geometry by joining your query result's id2/edge with your layers's geometry ID (gid): SELECT s.seq, s.node, s.edge, s.cost, b.gid, b.geom FROM ( SELECT seq, id1 AS node, id2 AS edge, cost FROM pgr_dijkstra(' SELECT gid AS id, source::integer, target::integer, ...


Following the 2nd example from ST_MakeLine, you could join the nodes from your routing output, to nodes representing a Postgis point, and use this to create a line, something like: SELECT ST_MakeLine(gm.the_geom ORDER BY rt.seq) As route_geom FROM route rt inner join geometry gm on rt.node = gm.node ; where route is the output from pgRouting and geometry ...


Here, "Fire.isochrones_2002_BigDesert_21122002.OBJECTID" is interpreted as a single field name. What are the different attributes? : Fire, isochrones_2002, OBJECTID? The problem is probably coming from the dots in the field name.


This is almost not a GIS question, but you will need to aggregate your geometries. Right? Thought so. The following query does not use a subquery as I thought would be required earlier. You will simply GROUP BY the value columns. All columns not being grouped will need to be aggregated, and that's where the SpatiaLite function GUnion comes in. Note that ...


The query you need: SELECT a.*, e.ensemble_id FROM address as a, ensemble as e WHERE ST_Within(a.geom_point, e.geom_polygon)

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