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The question is a duplicate of the one here but it may not be so obvious so let me explain. ST_Within is defined as: -- Inlines index magic CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION ST_Within(geom1 geometry, geom2 geometry) RETURNS boolean AS 'SELECT $1 && $2 AND _ST_Contains($2,$1)' LANGUAGE 'sql' IMMUTABLE; As you can see the function does use ...


Rather than leaping direct to WPS you might find you can get what you need out of the GeoServer SQL View feature. http://boundlessgeo.com/2015/03/support-story-getting-sql-views/ http://docs.geoserver.org/stable/en/user/data/database/sqlview.html It allows you to write some arbitrary SQL and bind some query parameters into it, so the query becomes a ...


I use this free software, Spatial Data Manager. I found that it is the only free software that can load spatial data directly between the major RDBMS. You can filter your data during the export operation. Cheers.


Thusly: SELECT Max(id) AS id, array_to_string(array_agg(name), ',') AS all_name, geom FROM thetable GROUP BY geom; The only fiddly bit is there's no nice way to get the geometry and id group the grouping together cleanly, so ended up only grouping on geom. If there was a "max(geometry)" aggregate or something it would be easier to group by "id" ...

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