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ST_StartPoint is the correct function to find single nodes at the start of a Linestring, however it does not work with MultiLinestring, so you will need to use ST_Dump to get the constituent Linestrings. If I have understood you question correctly, you then want all start points which are not also end points for more than one line, ie, points where two ...


If I got you right, you can achieve that by running a Python script. You can follow this workflow: Open QGIS, load a vector layer and select it (activate it) in the ToC. Observe this function: def selectByExpression(): cLayer = iface.mapCanvas().currentLayer() expr = QgsExpression( "\"COD_DANE\"=13" ) it = cLayer.getFeatures( ...


The documentation for ST_AsLatLonText explains that you can use an optional second argument to specify the format. In your case, it would be: UPDATE members SET latlong_degree = ST_AsLatLonText (the_geom, 'D°M''S"C') Note that the ' mark for the minutes has to be double quoted to avoid it just terminating the string.


I've included a screenshot to show where the function is in the Configure shortcuts option:

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