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The full details can be found on the USGS FAQ. Here is a short answer. Band numbers in Landsat 5 TM and Landsat 7 ETM+ correspond with the same wavelength (approximately). Unfortunately, ​Landsat 5 Thematic Mapper (TM) operational imaging ended in November 2011. Landsat 5 MSS was powered back on in 2012 and collected data until January 2013. However, there ...


First, there is problably a typo in your question, but here are the sun angles solar zenith angle = 90 - meanSunEl solar azimuth angle = meanSunAz this is also valid for the mean satellite angles MEAN satellite zenith angle = 90 - meanSatEl MEAN satellite azimuth angle = meanSatAz That being said, it is important to realize that you can consider ...


Installing binutils-gold is only required if compilation fails (this has been the case under Ubuntu, I'm not sure about Debian). After installing the required prerequisites you should be able to get LAG working using the following steps: If you haven't already installed autotools: apt-get install autotools LAG has recently been updated so the patched ...


The short answer is that you can't. The documentation says: The Advanced Wide Field Sensor (AWiFS), on-board IRS-P6 operates in four spectral bands in green (0.52-0.59µm), red (0.62-0.68µm), near infrared (0.77-0.86µm) and short wave infrared (1.55-1.70µm) Since the data does not have the regular 3 bands, you cannot get a True color composite of ...


This has to do with the fact that the bands with the same number in different Landsat sensors can correspond to different spectral ranges. So, if you are attempting to display Landsat 5 or 8 imagery with the same band combination like your Landsat 7 imagery, then this will not work as some of the bands, despite their same number, cover different parts of the ...


It is quite tricky to interpolate based on the MOD10A2 because this is a maximum extent product (1 snow observation and seven non snow observation is flagged as snow). I would rather recommend you to use the daily products.


Reverb|Echo is one of the best collections of RS data available. Although it is initially difficult to navigate, you will find that you can search by science keywords, platforms & instruments, campaigns, and processing levels.


When this question was submitted, there was no support for the recent sensor of the Landsat family. However, according to http://trac.osgeo.org/grass/changeset/61314, wihch is GRASS GIS' official project management system, the i.atcorr module in GRASS 7, supports for Landsat8 imagery since end of July 2014.

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