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I found a solution to my problem: In the transparency tab use the mouse selection tool to add a value from the screen by interactively clicking on a pixel. This will automatically add a new line in the table to the left showing the band characteristics of this pixel. Clicking on apply will then set to transparent all the pixels in the raster with the same ...


See the 'Transparent pixel list' under the Transparency Tab. You could set the ranges for your white pixels in this list and give a 100% transparency.


QGIS V2 onwards solves this. The question was submitted using QGIS 1.8


disable the antialising through geoserver wms config page check it here. If not using SVG then pass a parameter to your WMS http request like so: &format_options=antialiasing:off I have used this vendor parameter and I have seen it working perfectly with text labels but it should work for your case as well. Try also to play a bit with the dpi option ...

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