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Which version of Mapnik are you using? I think you should update the Mapnik version to 2.x and build again from source.


I think you are approaching the problem the wrong way. You can't load a gigantic dataset and expect fast interactivity. If you've already simplified as much as you want, and it's not fast enough. Try a different technology. If you're not happy with TileJSON, use CartoDB or MapBox to to it for you, or use WMS for viewing and WFS for interactivity. Or load ...


Interrupting a rendering process is not possible in Leaflet since it is performed in a single atomic JS job (AFAIK). The only way to make your app more responsive to user interactions might be to boost the rendering process so that it completes faster. Simplifying the geometries (or using topojson) is an excellent first solution for that. Another one could ...

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